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Gordon Cheng/Philipp Mittendorfer

Institute for Cognitive Systems (ICS), TU, Munich, Germany
HEX-o-SKIN: A flexible tactile sensing system

The deployment of a high number of multi-modal tactile sensors on a large surface area requires a systematic approach to efficiently process and organise all sensory information. With HEX-o-SKIN, we present a system of intelligent sensor nodes, which is scalable in structure and independent of a specific technology. In order to make robots react on tactile stimulation sensory-motor knowledge of the embodied agent is necessary - manually providing this information is cumbersome and error prone. Applying simple rules, HEX-o-SKIN can automatically organise itself - its communication and the location/orientation of sensor nodes in the kinematic tree of a (humanoid) robot. This session will be split into an introductory presentation and a live hands-on demonstration.