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Romain Coppard

CEA-LITEN Laboratory of Printed Electronic Devices, France
Printed OTFT technology : PMOS backplane and CMOS circuits for large area flexible sensing surfaces

Flexible Printed Electronics (FPE) is one of the key enabling technology that will enable to produce cost efficient conformable Large Area Sensing Surface. Printed technologies will allow realizing custom combinational sensing surfaces by mixing : printed sensors, printed OTFT backplane and multiplexing circuits on flexible foils. CEA-Liten has developed a high-performance printed organic complementary "CMOS" technology. Developed in the FP7 COSMIC IP project, this air stable Printed CMOS process exhibits high performance (mobility above 1cm2/V.s for both n and p type OTFT). Analogue and Digital circuits have been realized and a first 4bits ADC was recently demonstrated. Thanks to process flow reproducibility, models and simulations tools have also been developed within the project, and a first Design Tool Kit is now available allowing the designers to optimize circuits. The presentation will also describe PICTIC the French Printed Electronics Technology Platform:  open to industrial partners for printing processes and flexible device development and prototyping. First business case of PICTIC, is the prototyping of printed Photodiodes devices for the start-up company ISORG and the development of piezoelectric inks and devices with the chemist AREMA-Piezotech